The most often given ace 4d live advice about travelling is to travel light. Not to carry heavy luggage and to travel simple for convenience. However, we are never told how it is that we can travel light?  What is the secret to right packing for a travel?  Here are a few ways in which you can travel light.

  • Always remember to carry the “must have” and not the “just in case”. Carry what you would usually wear at home or around the city. That is what you will mostly wear during the journey. Casual and usual clothes and not the fancy wear. Yes, there may be exceptions and ‘what if’ scenarios but for that you can borrow or maybe even buy. It would be wise to carry less of what you rarely wear. Always carry less clothes and more dragon lotto 4d money. Pack clothes which can be worn again and again. For instance, jeans.


  • No matter for how long you are travelling. Always pack for a week. If you are travelling for more than a week or for a month then you will have to do laundry, there is no other choice. Always pack keeping in mind what you wear on a daily basis and your wardrobe for an average week. If you are travelling for less than a week than pack accordingly. Do not pack every possible contingency for a long trip. In the end you will realise you hadn’t worn or used half the things you had unnecessarily packed.


  • Always remember to pack layers and not bulk. Instead of packing one heavy sweater which will take up most of your suitcase or luggage space pack one thermal shirt and one sweatshirt to wear over it. Pack two thick material shirts instead of a heavy sweater. Also, pack clothes for a day in case of a short trip. If mornings are warm and sunny, pack something light for that and if nights are cold then pack pyjamas or sleepers that will keep you warm and are of heavier material.


  • Another way in which you can easily pack light is to just wear on something which is too bulky or heavy instead of carrying it. For instant a leather jacket or a suit just wear it or carry it in your hand instead of packing that heavy thing. In case you want to carry two different types of footwear, like sneakers and flip flops wear the sneakers and carry the flip flops. Do not carry more than two different types of footwear.

carry the flip flops

  • While buying clothes for travel buy good quality stuff of which one or two is enough instead of buying too many of those cheap stuff. Buy a singular colour pattern so that everything can be worn with anything. Also, buy lighter fabrics for travel and not clothes made of heavier material. In case the destination to which you are traveling demands heavy fabric due to the cold weather then buy a few good and slightly expensive winter clothes for that temperature. Expensive winter clothes can be an one time expense.
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