Another prominent form of betting is cricket betting which is widely practiced by all cricket and non-cricket fans. The bets placed in Cricket betting depend upon the player, number of runs he is capable of taking, his wicket performance, the type of game and much more. If you’re betting on teams then depending upon the consecutively winning team and the kind of match, the bet is placed. Nevertheless, cricket betting is a crowded market with bettors placing bets continuously over different types of matches showed live on TV or otherwise. Based on the total estimates of bets placed in the country on cricket matches, a single betting can start from Rs.10, 000 to Rs.20, 000 Crore per match.  As betting on cricket is illegal in most of the countries, it takes place in a quite decentralized manner which leaves room for a lot of wrong-doings to take place easily. Theft, cheating, murder, vandalism etc have chances of occurring behind the scenes of cricket betting. Although nowadays with digitization happening everywhere, most of the population places bets online in a systematic manner to keep track of the money invested and the profit or loss that comes with end of each 9club game yet it is still all hush-hush because of the illegal factor and therefore bettors still write down their bets in ledgers malaysia online live casino.

Placing bets in Cricket


The person or organization to who the bets are placed is called a bookie and the person who bets is called the bettor.

In cricket betting, there are two ways of placing bets.

  1. Outcome bet—

This bet is placed on the outcome of the match for a particular team of one’s choice. If the team you bet on wins, you receive all the cash with profits and if not, then the invested amount is lost.

  1. 6 over bet—

This type of bet is placed based on how many runs a team can acquire by the end of six overs. If the team truly scores the predicted amount of runs then the bettor wins. It determines the team’s performance as well as how many runs it can score over a specific period of time.

How do bookies gain profits

Bookies as colloquially referred to or bookmakers gain profits when a person loses his bet. Now since a bookie may have a lot of regular bettors as customers, his profit ranges up till Lacs. He may also once in a while try to lure normal people into this world of cricket gambling. Once addicted, it is very hard to withdraw the habit as the person then feels he’ll win some day and when that doesn’t happen, a mountain of debts is all there is to look at.

Cricket betting controversies

gain profits

A lot of cricket related betting controversies have occurred in the past few years which made it stricter as it had come to a point where even players themselves would indulge in this tiny little betting habit. Some of the famous controversies are:

1999-2000 India South Africa match fixing scandal

2018 Sri Lanka cricket pitch tampering scandal

1981 Ashes Series (players betting)

2018 Pakistan spot fixing scandal


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