AOC wines, IGP foie gras, Label Rouge poultry, corn and fruits and vegetables make up 60% of the value of regional production.
Other specialties, on targeted niches, also found the reputation of Aquitaine:

> Livestock cattle, sheep, pigs for Bayonne hams …
> Seeds, tobacco and ornamental horticulture (5th national ranking)
> Pyrenean AOC cheeses, cepes, truffles

The added value in question
These performances cover marked departmental disparities because of the strong heterogeneity of the added values ​​released according to the types of productions.

Moreover, in 1999 and 2000, Aquitaine suffered a downward trend in the prices of certain products, particularly wines. In addition, in 2001, the effects of the cattle crisis.

1st for added value

With 20 billion francs, Aquitaine creates, each year, more than 10% of the national gross agricultural value added.
> 1st for agricultural exports
Aquitaine is also the leading French region exporting agricultural products, the fourth for food products (20 billion francs in total), thanks mainly to wines, corn and products. of cattle breeding.
> 3rd for the economic value
The economic value of its production reaches 33.5 billion francs (in 2000), behind Brittany and the Pays de Loire.